Tuesday, 2 August 2011


...Yes we are real people...
and this is our first real blog...
so settle down with a nice cup/glass and plate of something delicious
while we tell you something about ourselves.

'We were born terribly poor in a little wooden shack, longing for adventure...'
..No that would be silly ..
In reality before we became 'Liz & Pip' we were simply Liz, living at ....rd Earlsfield
and Pip, living at ....rd Earlsfield ...and ner the twain had yet met...
We must have scurried past each other many times on the street but we only really first met when we both worked for
a well known publishing company (which for legal reasons will remain nameless)and realised we were neighbours.
After working for said company for 4 gruelling years we decided to strike out on our own...(so the longing for adventure bit was right!)

We decided to have a 'Summit Meeting' in our favourite cafe in Putney.
Among more pressing items on the agenda, ie what the ++++ are we doing, was our choice of company name...we had several ideas but none cut the mustard...(in fact one of them was 'cut mustard' but it was already taken..)
We were getting nowhere fast ..suddenly the rather dishy waiter emerged from the kitchen with our order and shouted 'Liz and Pip'
we looked at him and then each other...(hmmm ,,has a nice ring says Liz...hmmm, says Pip.)
So over tagliatelle and white wine and a celebratory  pudding we made our decision.
(although Pip did fleetingly suggest "what about Pip and Liz",) but we won't mention that,...not the same ring we agreed..
So having over-tipped the waiter, (with money, not physically), we emerged from the cafe triumphant.

And that is the story of how Liz, (the blonde one) and Pip, (the brunette one) happily became...
Liz & Pip ltd....
stay tuned for part 2 "the early years"

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  1. Congrats to that! :-)
    I'm sure you will hit the road to success.